reflect. act.

“The role of an executive coach is to help a client achieve professional and personal ambitions by honing their performance.”

How does a coach help you reach your top performance and full potential?

As Emma Jacobs stated in the Financial Times, having an executive coach is like an athlete having a trainer, and is designed to help you achieve your professional and personal goals by honing your performance. Coaching is about enhancing your performance and potential at work, at home, in your relationships, within your communities, and within yourself. 

My coaching style is founded on understanding your core values to inform my questions, basis for challenge, and use of tools. This approach will empower you to find a balanced and honest set of changes to your mindset and actions. Changes that are truly sustainable.

So how do you know coaching is right for you?

  • You’ve experienced a recent major life event
  • You’re looking to progress or change your career
  • You are about to take or return from a career break
  • You want to explore your views around diversity and inclusion
  • You’re looking to strengthen and broaden your leadership capabilities
  • You’re looking to further develop your emotional intelligence (EQ), professional or human skills
  • You’re looking for a change but not sure what it is
  • You’re looking to explore your purpose

With every moment you take to reflect and take action, you grow and get closer to achieving the balance and life that you want and deserve. A coach is not there to give you answers, or even suggestions. You have your own story, experiences and values that will drive your truth. As your coach, what I can do is help you to unlock that truth through objective, caring and challenging questions.

So, when do we begin?